2six4 is a simple, reliable and responsive mobile app to combat gender based violence in Sri Lanka.

About Us

2six4 is a personal safety mobile app to combat gender-based violence in Sri Lanka, and to ensure the safety and protection of women and girls in the country. The app will assist you in emergency situations, and connect you to the right service providers. It also provides you with information on rights, laws, and gender based violence for you to be better informed, safe and aware.

You can download this app for free! It is designed with all the essential features – including GPS tracking, emergency contact numbers, and step-by-step assistance at times of emergency.

2six4 is the ultimate safety app! Install it today and share it with your loved ones. Let’s make Sri Lanka safe!

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The app is equipped with an SOS button, which will send an SMS or call to your loved ones, with your location, in a situation of distress.

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You can contact the police and hospital closest to you, for any assistance during an emergency situation.

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You can gather in detailed information to know more about your rights and how to react on different situations.

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You can talk to relevant service providers in order to know more about your rights and to receive support.

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